Friday, September 15 2017 23:41 EEST
DPRK fires another ballistic missile in direction of Japan
DPRK, Fires,  Another , Ballistic,  Missile,  Direction, Japan

The Japanese government urged citizens of northeastern prefectures to find shelter as North Korean missile flew over the island of Hokkaido in the early hours of Friday.

According to NHK, the deadly device reached Hokkaido at about 7 a.m. (1 a.m. Kyiv time); no casualties were reported as the missile fell in the sea.

The DPRK has been complicating international relations, threatening the global security by numerous nuclear and missile tests. Recently, Pyongyang claimed to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, the test being ordered personally by the country’s leader Kim Jong-un. The government said there was no radiation leaks on any other negative consequences to the environment.

The international society condemned North Korea’s actions. Specifically, U.S. leader Donald Trump claimed that Washington considers breaking trade relations with any country that cooperates with Pyongyang.

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