Friday, September 15 2017 23:36 EEST
President: Ukrainian rescuers along with the AFU are the first priority of the state
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On the eve of the Rescuer’s Day, President Petro Poroshenko visited the training of the State Emergency Service “Kyiv Sea 2017”, congratulated the rescuers on their professional holiday and presented the state awards.

“We are convinced that just as the AFU defend Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence, the Ukrainian rescuers firmly defend peace and are ready to face any challenges and threats,” the President said.

The Head of State stressed the inadmissibility of the difference between the salaries of rescuers and other special units, other officers. He expressed confidence that such an approach is unfair. “It is you who extinguish fire, liquidate other emergencies, clear mines in the inhabited localities, deliver humanitarian cargo, provide assistance to the wounded, injured, carry out evacuation in high risk situations,” he said.

The President informed that during the last NSDC session, it was decided to increase the level of funding of the State Emergency Service. He thanked the Prime Minister and other ministers who found an opportunity to redistribute budget expenditures for 2018. The President is hopeful that the Parliament will also endorse this decision.

The Head of State thanked the firefighters, rescuers, fireworkers, divers, flight personnel and all the staff of the Service who demonstrated their skills and experience during the exercises and separately thanked the employees of the Service who "courageously and selflessly carry out assignments for the purpose of the anti-terrorist operation".

"I want to apologize, because when we recall Ukrainian soldiers, National Guard fighters, border guards, fighters of the Security Service of Ukraine, we do not always recall the Ukrainian rescuers in this list," Petro Poroshenko said.

He recalled the heroism of rescuers in Avdiivka this winter when the city was left without gas, water, electricity and heating at a temperature -25°C at night. The first men who came to help were the Ukrainian rescuers: they set a camp, provided food, restored heating and electricity. “Few people know that they were working under the fire of snipers who directly aimed the Ukrainian heroes,” the President said.

The President noted that only in the last 24 hours, in Donetsk region, over 400 explosive items were seized: “It's a day. You can imagine what kind of workload falls on the shoulders of our heroes-saviors, who deserve respect from society for their heroism, high professionalism and loyalty to oath and duty”.

The President praised the approaches of the SES as regards the introduction of economically reasoned European standards and principles of civil protection and response to emergencies.

In addition, 600 million hryvnias are planned to allocate for the procurement of fire-rescue and special equipment this year, which is three times more than in the budget of 2016.

The Head of State thanked the personnel of the Service for their heroism, loyalty to oath and courage.

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