Thursday, September 14 2017 23:09 EEST
President on the energy independence of Ukraine: Nobody will blackmail us anymore
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President Petro Poroshenko emphasizes that the energy sector of Ukraine has changed radically and the energy carriers are no longer an instrument of political pressure, but an ordinary commodity.

The President believes that coal becomes a market commodity today. “Nobody has the right to blackmail us after the first American ship (came to Ukraine – editorial remark) yesterday pursuant to my agreements with U.S. President Donald Trump on the energy security of our state,” the Head of State noted.

In his turn, Xcoal CEO Ernie Thrasher handed a symbolic gift to the President and the Prime Minister of Ukraine – the first American coal brought to “Pivdennyi” seaport (Odesa region) yesterday from Pennsylvania (USA).

“The energy independence of our state has been secured. In 2016, we learned to live without Russian gas, today we proved to the whole world that we can live without it. Gas is no longer a political noose, but an ordinary commodity,” the Head of State stressed.

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