Wednesday, September 13 2017 21:52 EEST
Why Putin needs peacekeepers in Donbas?

Vladimir Putin decided that the issue of peacekeepers "would benefit the settlement of the conflict in the southeast of Ukraine." And he instructed the Russian Foreign Ministry to submit a draft resolution to the UN Security Council for consideration.

Before Ukrainians enjoy the victory, let me several important points.

First. Technically, Poroshenko also said about the peacekeepers earlier. He said he will submit the decision to the session of the UN General Assembly, which will begin on September 12. Therefore, Russians will simply make an alternative decision for the Security Council, which will be advantageous for them. And after that no one will blame them for hindering peace in Donbas. Well, they say, we did not just veto it. We have our alternative project. We wanted the best, but Ukrainian "junta" pressed Europe and the United States. At least such a signal will be heard by those who are in the Russian information field.

And if no one blames them in Europe, then here is the second point. By September 15, the decision of the European Union to extend the sanctions should be taken. The decision will be accepted. But if Russia tries to show itself as a peacekeeper, then the process of extending sanctions will be progressed with huge difficulties.

Third. The Russian version of the decision on peacekeepers is certainly not acceptable for Ukraine. Introducing them only to the line of contact (and not to the whole territory, as Ukraine planned) could theoretically lead to a reduction in the number of shelling. Although in practice they will only reach the Donbas when they stop shooting. But even this will not solve the problem of restoring territorial integrity. Because they will simply divide Ukraine into Kyiv-controlled and controlled by Moscow. Without the right of the national government to interfere in the internal affairs of the occupied republics.

And the fourth. And here there will be a little victory. Russia has always denied the need to introduce peacekeepers. Like, this does not correspond to the "Minsk agreements". Remember how last year in special exercises were conducted in the so-called LNR to confront "international peacekeeping missions"? That is, now Ukraine won. This indicates the opening of the Overton window, launching the very idea of the possibility of introducing peacekeepers into the heads of Russians, and into the heads of LNR and DNR population. Therefore, separatists should accept this and think about the new signal from Putin.

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