Wednesday, September 13 2017 18:46 EEST
Vandals burn Donbas soldiers and Heavenly Hundred memorials
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In Ananiv, Odesa oblast, unknown vandals set memorial for Donbas conflict zone and Heavenly Hundred heroes on fire, according to Highway E-95.

It is noted that the recently erected by civil activists memorial was situated in the center of the town, in the square close to the city council, right across the local police department.

According to law enforcers, the fire happened at around 2:30 am on September 13.

“The local officials called the incident an insolent act of political vandalism. Civil activists emphasize that this is not the first case of monument desecration. Previously it was covered with paint, and the perpetrators haven’t been found,” the media says.

As it was reported earlier, monument to Soviet General Zhukov was toppled in Odesa right before the Independence Day.

There have been other cases of monuments to Ukrainian heroes being desecrated around Ukraine. In Kyiv. memorial to a Heavenly Hundred hero was broken. Other memorials were also desecrated in Dnipro and Kherson.

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