Tuesday, September 12 2017 23:03 EEST
Russia tests inter-continental ballistic missile
Russia, Tests, Inter-Continental, Ballistic, Missile

The Russian military successfully tested RS-24 Yars, the solid-fuel IBM. According to the press service of the Russian defense ministry, the rocket was fired from the Plesetsk space port, Arkhangelsk region.

‘The main goal of the launch is to confirm that the missiles are reliable. The experimental combat blocks arrived in the designated area at Kura firing range on Kamchatka peninsula. The goals have been fulfilled, tasks completed to the full extent,’ the message of the press centre says.

RS-24 Yars was developed by the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technologies. Later, Yars and Topol-M missiles are supposed to make the basis of the Russian country’s strategic missile forces, removing the outdated RS-18 and RS-20.

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