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Poroshenko on Saakashvili: it’s unimportant who breaks through borders – militants in East or crooked politicians in West
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President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, during his speech on developing rural health care, broadcasted by 112.UA Channel, commented on Mikheil Saakashvili’s breaking through the Ukrainian border on September 10.

“The incident which happened yesterday at the Ukrainian border in Shegyni... In my opinion, the incident doesn’t call for a political comment, we have to comment, and will comment, solely from the legal perspective. On July 26 I issued a degree, which revoked Saakashvili’s citizenship based on the appeal by the central executive authorities body, State Migration Service of Ukraine. The appeal stated accurately transmitted to the presidential administration, verified (as they bear responsibility) facts of falsification and submitting false information when receiving citizenship. The President cannot make any other decision, as it would be criminal inaction, if we let these facts pass without reacting to them. In any legal state, an individual can appeal to administrative court against any normative act, in this case, to the Supreme Administrative Court,” Poroshenko said.

The Head of State emphasized that Saakashvili had enough time to do so.

“As President, I will unconditionally execute any decision of the court. If one doesn’t like the decision of the Ukrainian court – there is the ECHR. More than 1,5 months have come by, nobody addressed the court. Instead of that, a crime was committed, as there is a constitutional principle of inviolability of borders. It is the question of national security. I don’t care who breaks through the borders – militants in the East or crooked politicians in the West. Appropriate legal and judicial responsibility must be born,” the President summed up.

As it was reported earlier, Mikheil Saakashvili's citizenship was revoked by president's decree. The ex-head of Odesa Region State Administration promised to return to Ukraine on September 10. However, Deputy Head of State Border Guard service of Ukraine Vasyl Servatiuk said that the Ukrainian passports will be seized from the politician and he will be returned to Poland.

Saakashvili did arrive in Ukraine on Sunday, August 10. He literally broke into Ukraine, because the crowd that gathered at the checkpoint broke through the border from the Ukrainian side and made a fight with the border guards who were in the transit zone.

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