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Apple releases new iPhone today
Apple,  Releases, iPhone,  Today

The long awaited iPhone 8 is officially launching later today on September 12. Tim Cook is expected to unveil the new iPhone at an event in California’s newly-built Steve Jobs Theatre.

Naturally, Apple will stream the event on its website, and it's expected to kick off at 8pm Kyiv time.

Despite the iPhone 8's imminent launch event, some reports claim that it might not be available to buy until the fourth quarter, and in limited quantities. Another report suggests the iPhone 8 may not arrive until 2018.

The leaked prices claim to be $999 for the entry-level 64GB iPhone 8 and $1,199 for a 256GB and 512GB variants.

Plenty of rumours and leaks are naturally in the air. There are suggestions that the facial recognition could allow the iPhone to be able to tell when you are looking at it, so that it can mute notification sounds and saving your colleagues from your annoying ringtone. New developments in Apple's camera technology, new software, wireless charging, dacial recognition software, no home button, etc.

The company is also expected to unveil a third generation of the Apple Watch and a 4K Apple TV.

Apple will stream the presentation live from the Apple’s event webpage.

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