Friday, September 8 2017 23:34 EEST
Ukraine's SOEs not buying Russian coal – Groysman
Ukraine',  SOEs, Buying, Russian,  Coal, Groysman

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman has said Ukrainian state companies do not purchase coal produced in the Russian Federation.

"Our task is to build economic and energy independence. We will implement this program. We have reduced the consumption of anthracite coal for a year and a half, switched to a gas group. Moreover, state companies are not buying a single kilo of Russian coal, and you know this," he said during a traditional Government Q&A session in the Verkhovna Rada September 8, answering the deputy's question about the need to ban the import of Russian goods that can be produced in Ukraine or bought from partner states.

"We have taken a course toward completely abandoning any dependencies, especially those that we had from the aggressor state," Groysman said, adding that Ukraine has not purchased natural gas from Russia for more than 600 days.

"We are working on this and the share of any such goods decreases with reactive force," the prime minister said

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