Friday, September 8 2017 23:07 EEST
More Ukrainian TV channels to start broadcasting in Crimea in 2018
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Next year, 16 Ukrainian TV channels will be broadcasting in the Russian-occupied Crimea. The press service of the National Council for TV and Radio Broadcasting reported that in the statement released on Thursday.

‘We are not only expanding the broadcasting area of Ukrainian TV and radio channels to the southern part of Kherson region and Crimea, but also creating conditions for improving the quality of content of programs. This is why there are broadcasters and programs focused on Crimea. We’ll keep on working in this direction,’ said Serhiy Kostynsky, the Council’s member.

The official added that the Council intends to develop digital TV broadcasting from Chongar and Chaplynka (both in Kherson region). ‘Each of these two TV towers will broadcast eight channels. The project will be over before summer 2018,’ the Council’s statement says.

By the end of the year, broadcasting will be expanded to another ten towns in Kherson region, which borders the Russian-occupied Crimea.

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