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President: Presidential and parliamentary elections should take place in the terms specified by the Constitution with the provision of a free and transparent campaign
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In the course of the annual Address to the Parliament, President Petro Poroshenko noted that the presidential and parliamentary elections will take place in the terms specified by the Constitution of Ukraine and urged the deputies to submit proposals on new candidates to the Central Election Commission.

“Forthcoming of the planned presidential and parliamentary elections makes the idea of early elections more and more irrational. My position remains unchanged: everything must take place in the terms specified by the Constitution of Ukraine. It is necessary to ensure a free, transparent, competitive and honest campaign. It is necessary to get ready already today. Please, dear people’s deputies, finish consultations in the coming weeks or even days and submit candidates to the CEC,” the President emphasized.

The Head of State noted that despite Russian aggression, democratic rights and freedoms were not restricted and martial law was not introduced when there were all grounds for this. “We ensured greater quality of the parliamentary-presidential model and cooperation of the Parliament, Government and President than in 2006-2010. I have never taken advantage of the right to terminate the acts of the Cabinet of Ministers with simultaneous appeal in the Constitutional Court and I did not resort to the veto right very often. And at that time, the branches of power were in constant discord and failed to conduct even a single reform,” the Head of State reminded.

He added: “Of course, this model is not ideal. That is why sometimes I hear proposals to change something”. According to him, there were offers to return the powers to the President under the Constitution of 1996 or transform the President into the master of ceremonies. There are proposals to make ambiguous articles clearer. The Head of State noted that there are no topics closed for discussion in a democratic society.

“Taking office during the inaugural speech, I emphasized commitment to the idea of a parliamentary-presidential republic. Subsequently, I voluntarily gave up certain powers of the President in voting for amendments on the issues of justice and decentralization. However, I will never agree with the proposals to take away the right to elect the President from people and transfer this right to the Parliament. The powers of the Head of State should also be sufficient for the effective performance of the functions of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief," Petro Poroshenko stressed.

He also emphasized that making radical constitutional amendments almost in the electoral cycle is unlikely to be positively perceived by society.

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