Thursday, September 7 2017 19:10 EEST
Putin finds sanctions against DPRK to be meaningless, - Peskov
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The President of Russia Vladimir Putin confirmed his attitude that the sanctions against DPRK are meaningless during the negotiations with the South Korean leader Moon Jae-in. The speaker of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov claimed this on September 6 as TASS reported.

‘We are not the supporters of the attitude that is necessary to press Pyongyang. Conversely, it should be involved in the dialogue, the terms should be created to make Pyongyang feel safe and to search for the ways out’, Peskov noted.

The DPRK announced about the successful trial of the hydrogen bomb on September 3. The order to hold the trials was made by the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un. The DPRK confirms that the trial of the hydrogen bomb did not lead to the radiation leak or any other negative influence on the environment.

The world society condemned the actions of North Korea. The President of US Donald Trump claimed that Washington considers the possibility to stop the trade relations with any country that cooperates with DPRK, despite the strengthening sanctions. Also, Trump did not exclude the use of the nuclear weapons by the US against Pyongyang.

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