Wednesday, August 30 2017 22:04 EEST
Ukraine’s army among world’s TOP 30 - ranking
Ukraine’s,  Army,  Among,  World’s

The Global Firepower 2017 Military Strength Ranking has put the military powers of the world into full perspective, placing Ukraine at the 30th spot.

The U.S. is considered to have the world’s most powerful military while Russian army is the runner-up, experts at Global Firepower say.

The TOP 10 also includes UK, Japan, Turkey, Germany, and Egypt.

Global Firepower experts have taken into account more than 50 factors when drawing up the ranking. Availability of nuclear weapons was recognized in the assessment, while NATO Allies also received bonus points.

Among immediate neighbors, Ukraine ranked third, after Russia and Poland (the latter ranked 19th).

Earlier Putin held closed meeting with Medvedchuk in occupied Crimea

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