Wednesday, August 30 2017 21:37 EEST
President: Price for liquefied gas must be reduced
President, Price, Liquefied, Must, Reduced

“The issue is made of two very important parts. The first one is social. A lot of drivers use vehicles on liquefied gas and a sharp rise in prices cannot be acceptable and cannot be left without a reaction of the authorities," Petro Poroshenko noted answering the question of journalists about a drastic increase in prices for the liquefied gas.

“Point number one: The Antimonopoly Committee should take all measures to prevent a monopoly position and price increase. All gas suppliers will be checked. If the fact of obtaining a monopoly high profit is established, those who admitted it will be fined and the situation will be restored to normal,” the Head of State assured.

According to him, there is also a second component – geopolitical. “You know that in conditions of hybrid warfare, when the main supplier of the liquefied gas was Russia, it was decided to suspend or limit the supply. Just as in the situation with the natural gas. We must learn to live in conditions of hybrid warfare,” the President noted.

“We must establish our own production of liquefied gas to compensate the blocked volume from Russia,” he said.

The President noted that he expects the results of the examination in the coming two-three weeks. “In the second half of September, the price for liquefied gas must be decreased and those who allowed violations must be brought to justice if the violations are detected,” the Head of State noted.

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