Wednesday, August 30 2017 21:19 EEST
Ukraine asks for EC clarification of Juncker’s words on Ukraine being EU, NATO member
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Representative of Ukraine to the EU Mykola Tochytskyi phrased his concern over the words of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker about Ukraine, which don’t correspond to reality, as UNIAN reports.

President of the European Commission, in his speech at the EU Ambassadors conference, said: “I have seen that my friend Poroshenko said a few days ago: Ukraine is a member of the EU and NATO. At the moment it’s neither. Everyone should take that into account”.

Tochytskyi addressed the European Commission for clarification of these words, drawing attention to the actual words of Ukraine’s president. During his speech at the celebration of the 26th Independence of Ukraine, Poroshenko noted the consistency of Ukraine’s strategic direction towards the EU and NATO. The allegation that the president said Ukraine is the EU and NATO member doesn’t correspond to reality.

Representative of the Mission of Ukraine to the EU also noted that these words of the EC President were widely used by the Russian media to discredit Ukraine and its Euro-integration efforts.

He also added that such words right before the Association Agreement comes into force “undermine the level of both our trust and cooperation”.

At the same time, Tochytskyi noted the massive political and financial support to countering Russian aggression that the EU provides.

“We have to wait for official clarification, but we have phrased our concern,” Tochytskyi summed up.

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