Friday, August 25 2017 23:20 MSK
Russia provides additional information on downed MH17 at request of Netherlands
Russia, Provides,  Additional,  Information, MH17, Request, Netherlands

At the request of the Netherlands, Russia provided the International Investigation Group with data and guidelines on how to decipher the information on the MH17, which was shot down over Donbas, according to the website of the Dutch prosecutor's office.

Now the previously received data from Russia and the new materials will be deciphered in the near future and thoroughly investigated.It is noted that all information should be provided in the ASTERIX format - developed according to international European standards.On October 13, 2015, the Netherlands Security Council released a report on the causes of this catastrophe. It is established that the aircraft was shot down by the Buk anti-aircraft missile system.It should be noted that the Government of the Netherlands announced that the countries that are members of the International Investigation Team (Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, Ukraine and the Netherlands) decided that the litigation will take place in the Netherlands under Dutch law. At this time, the criminal investigation into the catastrophe of the Boeing MH17 continues.

Earlier  Ukraine observes its undertaken international obligations in good faith and in a consistent manner – the President instructed the Foreign Ministry to initiate hearings within the UN Security Council to prove Ukraine’s noninvolvement in the North Korea’s m

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