Thursday, August 24 2017 18:43 EEST
Military parade: online broadcast
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A military parade dedicated to the Independence Day takes place in Khreschatyk, the main street of Kyiv, today, on August 24.

Facts about this year parade:

5 thousand military men to take part in the parade;

More than a thousand of them – participated in hostilities of anti-terrorist operation in Donbas combat zone;

200 people have the highest military awards for valor and combat heroism;more than 200 soldiers from armed forces of the NATO member states and those aspiring for NATO membership to participate as well; together with Ukraine’s leadership, nine defense ministers of the NATO member states, including James Mattis, current United States Secretary of Defense;

no military equipment to take part in the parade. However, there’s an exhibition of Ukraine's modern military vehicles available on Khreschatyk.

Road traffic is closed until August 28.

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