Wednesday, August 23 2017 00:30 EEST
Ukraine’s state export control system prevents possibility of rocket engine transfers to DPRK
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There is no way that Ukraine could have sold military-grade rocket engines to the North Korea. That was the commentary concerning the recent scandalous story posted in the New York Times; this is what National Secretary of Security and Defense Oleksandr Turchynov wrote in his letter to President Petro Poroshenko.

Turchynov heads a working group, which checks the claims made in the New York Times’s article about the possible transfer of rocket engines to the DPRK.

"Ukraine was not involved in the development of North Korea's ballistic missiles program," the report says. The paper also proves that since 1991, when the country proclaimed independence, Ukrainian export authorities have not approved any transfers of military technology to the DPRK, including rocket engines. Besides, since Ukraine gained independence, it stopped producing RD-250 engines, the same ones that were allegedly used by North Korean engineers during production of their medium-range missiles. Finally, Ukraine does not produce certain nuclear fuel components, which are necessary for the due use of these engines.

In the report, Turchynov also stressed that the article posted in the NY Times and released for wide public is the result of Russia’s systematic, well-planned and explicitly provocative information campaign, which aims to discredit Ukraine as a reliable international partner. ‘Russian special services use their long-time relations with experts and reporters from various countries… We consider the mentioned article in the New York Times to be the element of information cover; this is how Russia turns away the attention of the international society from the Kremlin’s involvement in the North Korean nuclear program. We believe Michael Elleman, the author of the article in the NY Times, was cynically used by Russian special services as one of the channels of spreading provocative information,’ the report said.

Ukraine’s National Secretary of Security and Defense expressed confidence that Russia will continue attempts to discredit Ukraine.  

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