Wednesday, August 16 2017 18:29 EEST
Ukraine sees exports growth by almost 24% in H1
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Ukraine's exports of goods grew by 24.2%, or US$4.03 billion, in the first half of 2017 (H1) year-over-year (y-o-y), to $20.7 billion, according to the Ukrainian Economic Development and Trade Ministry's press service.

The share of agriculture and the food industry was the largest in goods exports, namely 42%, while metallurgical products accounted for 23%, machine engineering for 11.4%, and mineral products for 9.6%.

According to the ministry, almost all branches of the Ukrainian economy showed growth in exports of goods in H1 2017, except for the wood and pulp industry, namely agricultural and food products (an increase in exports by 28.1%, or $1.9 billion); metallurgical products (by 23.4%, or $900 million); mineral products (by 61.4%, or $751.7 million); engineering products (by 14.2%, or $291.8 million); various industrial goods (by 23.1% or $114.8 million); chemical production (by 6.9%, or $64.2 million); products of the light industry (by 9.7%, or $45.1 million).

"Among the regions of Ukraine, the greatest positive contribution to the dynamics of goods exports in H1 2017 was observed in Kyiv (+4.9 pp), Dnipropetrovsk region (+4.4 pp), Donetsk region (+3.4 pp), Zaporizhia region (+ 2.1 pp); Poltava region (+1.4 pp), Kyiv region (+1.2 pp), and Vinnytsia region (+1.2 pp). The total contribution of the seven above-mentioned regions amounted to +18.6 pp, which accounts for 76.9% of the total increase in exports," the ministry said.

The TOP-5 largest trading partners of Ukraine in goods export were the EU countries (39.8%), Russian Federation (9.4%), Turkey (6.1%), India (5.5%), and Egypt (5.3%).

The export of goods to the EU countries increased by 26.1%, or $1.7 billion, to $8.2 billion. The European Union remains Ukraine's major trading partner in goods exports, whose share increased from 39.2% to 39.8% in total exports in six months of 2017 y-o-y.

The share of agriculture and the food industry was the largest in goods exports to the European Union countries, namely 32.8%, while metallurgical products accounted for 21%, machine engineering for 15.2%, and mineral products for 13.4%.

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