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Independence Day in Ukraine: plan of celebration
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The Ukrainian government has confirmed the plan of celebrating the 26th Independence Day of Ukraine, as the government press service informs.

On August 23, the Day of the national Flag of Ukraine, ceremonies of flag-raising are to be held in Kyiv and other cities, as well as Ukrainian diplomatic bodies abroad.

A military parade and demonstration of military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are to be held on Khreshchatyk, Kyiv.

The leaders of the state, as well as representatives of central and local bodies of the government, MPs, fighters for Ukraine’s independence in the 20th century, Donbas conflict participants, public associations, and science and culture figures are to participate in various ceremonies in the capital and other cities.

Placings of flowers are to be held near the monuments for prominent personalities, fighters for independence, deceased in the Revolution of Dignity and Donbas conflict.

In Lviv, on August 25-26 a national TV-project UkrainianSongProject will take place.

Other informational, educational, scientific, and cultural events are to be organized, devoted to historic events and personalities, the establishment and development of the Ukrainian state. Other cultural and patriotic activities and festivals are to be held.

Among other things, there will be broadcasts of TV-shows, films, including the film Red, on Ukrainian past and present.

4,500 servicemen are to participate in the Independence Day parade, more than 1,000 of them – participants in the Donbas conflict. More than 200 soldiers participating in the parade were awarded for their exceptional bravery. NATO representatives will also join the Ukrainian soldiers in the parade. Ukraine’s Minister of Defence Stepan Poltorak noted that representatives from 10 countries helping Ukraine with the military reform will attend.

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