Wednesday, August 9 2017 19:59 EEST
Around ten Czechs fight alongside Donbas militants in Ukraine, - ambassador
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About 5-10 Czechs are fighting on the side of illegal armed groups in the war zone in the east of Ukraine. This was stated by Czech Republic Ambassador to Ukraine Radek Matula, reports European Truth.

"Such problem exists. I personally do not have clear information about how many of our citizens are fighting in the east of Ukraine, but, according to my estimates, it is about 5-10 people. I've seen even 30 (figures in the media), But comparing Information from different sources, I would say about 5 or 10, "the ambassador said.

He also confirmed that the police first brought charges to a Czech citizen in the beginning of summer due to the fact that he took part in military operations on the side of pro-Russian separatists in Donbas.

Czech Republic's investigative journalist Ondrej Kundri was the first to report in Respekt weekly about the Czech who is charged for participation in military operations on the side of “LNR” and “DNR.” Later, in the commentary for Radio Liberty, he explained that the person who is being investigated "has been searching for military elements for a long time, he also served in the Czech army, and before that he lived for a while in Donbas."

"Police accuse him of having either participated in, or joined the "military" actions, although, probably, he did not take part in them directly, but for that he can be brought to trial," Kundri said.

The Czech journalist also suggested that dozens of Czechs and Slovaks could fight in the Donbas.

As it was reported earlier Czech Republic Ambassador to Ukraine Radek Matula said that there is an opportunity of cooperation between Ukrainian and Czech authorities in supplying of some types of military equipment to Ukraine based on standard export licensing.

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