Tuesday, August 8 2017 14:21 MSK
France to allocate funds for solar power plants construction in Chornobyl
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French Charge d'Affaires in Ukraine Christophe Le Rigoleur announced the readiness of his government to allocate funds to help our country in developing a feasibility study for building solar power plants in the exclusion zone in Chornobyl. This was reported on Facebook page by Volodymyr Kistion, Vice Prime Minister, responsible for energy, ecology and the use of mineral resources.

"There is a principled consent of the French government and general vision of the project will be developed with the help of French specialists before the end of this year," the official wrote.

At the same time, NPC Ukrenergo will develop technological and economic indicators until October, namely the plan of development of electric grid infrastructure in the exclusion zone and the zone of unconditional resettlement to ensure the connection of future solar energy capacities in the amount of up to 1200 MW, the deputy prime minister said.

"We will combine the results of the studies outlined in both documents in order to effectively implement project most important for the country, which will triple the total amount of solar generation in Ukraine," he said.

As it was reported earlier some Chornobyl structures may be given for an almost 50 year rent. The property will be given for rent to build a photovoltaic energy plant. The property will be given for rent to build a photovoltaic energy plant with a 100 MW capacity. The maximum possible term of rent is 49 years.

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