Tuesday, August 8 2017 14:13 MSK
Russia is more dangerous than ISIS, - McCain
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The terrorist groups such as ISIS present the constant threat and they will continue to attack. However, they do not have such military capabilities, technologies and strivings to support the intentions to rule the world as Russia does. The US Senator John McCain claimed this to The Arizona Republic.

‘Russia can. Russia is not a friend of the free world’, he said.

McCain claimed that Russia established the presence at the Middle East and continues to bring pressure on countries of Eastern Europe.

According to him, Putin has his own vision towards the US. ‘Vladimir Putin is the autocratic leader who wants to extend his sphere of influence. He had the intentions during the US election and he will draw out what he learned in 2016 to improve the strategies’. He will come back. We would better be ready’, McCain said.

The US President Donald Trump claimed that the relations between US and Russia are at the disconcertingly low and dangerous level and the US Congress is guilty in this. A few American senators commented on Trump’s statement and claimed that the Russian President Vladimir Putin is guilty in the deterioration of the relations between Washington and Moscow but not the Congress.

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