Thursday, August 3 2017 20:17 EEST
Ukraine in UN Security Council reminds of Russia’s weapons supply to Donbas
Ukraine, UN, Security, Council, Reminds, Russia’s, Weapons, Supply,Donbas

Ukrainian delegation at the session of UN Security Council reminded that terrorist organizations in the east of Ukraine receive weapons from the Russian Federation. The statement was published on the website of Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations.

The international regime, aimed at curbing arms supply to terrorists, runs into a problem when states, who are supposed to uphold it, turn out to be in breach of their international obligations and commitments in this regard,” the message says.

Ukrainian delegation noted that one of the most telling cases of our times is the continuing flooding of the occupied territories in the east of Ukraine with all kinds of weapon systems, all coming from the neighboring state.

“Over 400 battle tanks, 840 armoured personnel vehicles, 200 multiple launch rocket systems, 730 artillery systems and 400 air defense units have been provided to terrorist organizations operating there,” the statement says.

Ukraine also reminded that these deadly supplies have been used also to conduct devastating terrorist attacks, including, for example, the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, with 298 innocent civilians on board.

“How did the terrorist organizations in Ukraine get weapons that often surpass armament stocks of many states on the European continent? Or why do not terrorists run out of diesel and munitions?,” Ukrainian delegation said.

As it was reported earlier Ukraine called UN Security Council to fulfill resolution on assistance in MH17 case. Ukraine called on the members of the UN Security Council to make every effort to identify and punish the perpetrators of the MH17 flight crash.

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