Friday, July 28 2017 23:43 EEST
Vandals desecrate memorial site for Donbas veterans in Dnipro city
Vandals, Desecrate, Memorial, Donbas,  Veterans, Dnipro

The Alley of Memory in Dnipro (southeastern Ukraine) took damage from vandals as they ripped off the photos of the deceased Donbas veterans on Friday night.

The press service of the local police branch reported that the desecrated stands were ‘within visual range of the DSO station (DSO is the State Security Service of Ukraine, not to be confused with the SBU, Ukraine’s Security Service, - 112 International), who have been guarding the place around the clock’.

The investigation is underway.

The Alley of Memory was opened in Dnipro city in 2014; the park complex with glass steles and photos on them joined the ensemble in May. The Alley pays tribute to over 500 residents of Dnipropetrovsk region who served with the Ukrainian military and deceased in the Donbas conflict.

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