Friday, July 28 2017 22:29 EEST
Russia admits delivering Siemens turbines to Crimea
Russia, Admits, Delivering, Siemens, Turbines,Crimea

Tehnopromeksport, Rostec’s subsidiary, that bought the Siemens gas turbines, confirmed they were delivered to Crimea after being updated, RBK informs.

he company says they didn’t receive offers of buy-back from Siemens. Due to bankruptcy, Tehnopromeksport offered the German company to buy out the turbines in 2016. They also organized a public tender, but Siemens didn’t take the offer.

After that, the turbines were sold to another company, they were updated and “their characteristics were specified for the project”. According to Tehnopromeksport representative, the project was building power plants in Crimea.

“In the process Russian “know-how” was used, new equipment was bought. The company incurred costs in transportation, installation and certification of the equipment,” the company told.

As it was reported earlier, Siemens claims their turbines were illicitly transported to Crimea without the company’s knowledge, thus violating the agreement. As a result, the ambassadors of the EU approved the decision to extend of the sanctions against Russia.

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