Friday, July 28 2017 22:20 EEST
Kremlin on new US sanctions: nothing to add to the MFA statement
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President of Russia Vladimir Putin approved the statement by Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, made in response to the new US sanctions. The Kremlin will not give additional comments, as Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary for the President of Russia, said, according to TASS.

“On all sanction and anti-sanction issues the MFA made a statement. Everything is stated there, I have nothing to add,” he said.

Responding to the questions about possible retaliatory measures by Moscow, Peskov quoted the MFA statement: “We reserve the right for reciprocal treatment and other measures that may affect the interests of the USA”.

When asked why the MFA responded before the US President signed the bill, Peskov said that the Senate’s decision makes the matter almost settled.

As it was reported earlier, the House of Representatives of the US Congress passed the new set of the sanction against Russia, Iran and North Korea on July 25. 388 members of the Congress voted in the affirmative and only 2 members voted against the draft law. Later, the Congress published the text of the document that was supported by both parties. The US Senate has already signed the document. These restrictive measures are the response to the Russian intervention into the US election campaign. The bill includes both individual and sectorial sanctions against the Russian Federation, and enshrines the already existing restrictions against Russia. It also deprives the US president of the right to cancel the sanctions without the approval from the Congress.

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