Friday, July 28 2017 22:10 EEST
Ukraine’s MFA protests against Russian “humanitarian convoy” coming to Ukraine illegally
Ukraine’s, MFA, Protests,  Against, Russian, Humanitarian, Convoy, Ukraine,  llegally

Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs protested against 21 cars with “humanitarian aid” entering the Ukrainian territory from Russia, as the MFA informs on their website.

On Thursday, July 27, cargo trucks from Russia illegally crossed the Ukrainian border, under the pretext of delivering so-called “humanitarian aid”.

It is emphasized that the Ukrainian side didn’t give permission for “humanitarian convoy” to enter the country, and as the circumstance of the border crossing didn’t correspond to the legal procedure, Ukrainian border and custom control couldn’t register the cargo.

The Russian authorities have been sending the so-called humanitarian convoys to Ukraine since August 2014. The Russian side claims the trucks carry food, water, medicines, books, agrarian instruments and other necessities. Ukrainian border guards cannot check the contents of trucks, and Russia refused to send their humanitarian aid through the controlled checkpoints on the border, as requested by Ukraine. Ukraine insists there are weapons and ammunition aboard the trucks, so they reach Kremlin-backed militants that keep on attacking Ukrainian positions. 

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