Thursday, July 27 2017 23:37 EEST
U.S. sanctions against Russia are ‘low conduct’, - Putin
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Russia might retaliate, responding to the recently approved U.S. sanctions; Russian president Vladimir Putin said that at a press conference after Russia-Finland talks held on Thursday.

‘We’ve been very well-adjusted and patient, but at certain point we’ll have to respond. It is impossible to keep enduring from this fancy low-conduct against our country,’ Putin said without specifying the actual date for retaliatory measures to be taken. ‘The response will depend on the ultimately approved document considered by the U.S. Senate,’ he stressed.

The Russian leader also stressed that Washington’s certain actions, such as deportation of Russian diplomats and alienation of diplomatic property contradict the norms of international law. ‘Sanctions are also absolutely illegal in terms of international law. They violate principles of international trade, as well as the WTO rules,’ he said.

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