Wednesday, July 26 2017 19:52 EEST
Explosion in Kyiv’s apartment block, evacuation underway
Explosion, Kyiv’s,  Apartment,  Block, Evacuation,  Underway

An explosion occurred in the apartment block in Kyiv’s Holosiivo district (12 Burmistrenko street). The press service of the State Emergency Service of Kyiv region reported this.

The explosion took place between the first and the second floors, the floor structure is destroyed. About 20 people are evacuated.

It is reported that one woman died in the explosion. There is no more information about dead or injured.

The portal specified that the explosion occurred at the first floor and the second entrance hall. Its yield is extremely high: the windows’ glass is scattered around the building. Preliminary, the reason of the explosion is the domestic gas leak.

Ten units of the special and basic equipment work and about 50 persons of the staff of the State Emergency Service work at the place.

The explosion also took place at the residential house in Holosiivo district on July 8. Two people died and six got injured. The building cannot be reconstructed. 

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