Tuesday, July 25 2017 19:46 EEST
Russia, Turkey sign agreement on supply of S-400 missile system
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The President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that the agreement on the purchase of the Russian S-400 missile systems is already signed by Ankara. He claimed this at the session of the Justice and Development Party as Anadolu reported.

‘We made the necessary steps and signed the agreement with Russia on the supply of S-400. We will see these missile systems in our country’, Erdogan said.

The leader of Turkey added that the joint production of the S-400 missile systems will be also got going. Also, he noted that the similar cooperation was offered to the American side when he was asked about the possible solicitude of the US concerning this agreement.

‘Any state is in the search of the perfect methods of the provision of the national security. If there is the possibility to get the joint production going that such choice will prevail. The Turkish Government offered the American partners to sign the similar agreement for a few years but the negotiations did not produce any results. And Turkey was forced to continue the searches’, Erdogan said.

He pointed that the NATO country-member – Greece uses S-300 missile systems for many years and everyone is silent but when it regards Turkey then it begins to be a concern.

Earlier  President held a phone conversation in the Normandy format

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