Thursday, July 13 2017 00:30 EEST
Azerbaijani low-coster Buta Airways start ticket sales from Kyiv to Baku
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The Azerbaijani Air Company AZAL started the ticket sales under the brand Buta Airways on route Kyiv-Baku at the price of 30 dollars in one way including the taxes. The reports this.

The low-cost flights will begin to make trips since September 5. The flights will take place from the international Kyiv airport Zhulyany two times in the week – on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The air company AZAL offers two types of tariffs with paid carriage of the cabin baggage: Buta Budget and Buta Standard.

The Buta Budget tariff does not allow to exchange or return the ticket and provide the free carriage of the small private things in the cabin, for example, the laptop, the hand-bag and brief case, cellphone or video camera. The carriage of baggage is paid separately.

The Buta Standard tariff allows exchanging or returning the ticket with the fine of 50% of the price of the ticket and providing the free carriage of the baggage in the norm of ten kilograms. A person can take only one thing for free to the cabin as at the Buta Budget tariff.

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