Tuesday, July 11 2017 22:54 EEST
President: A new stage of Ukraine’s path to the EU will begin on September 1, 2017
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​The EU Council completed the process of ratification of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement. It was stated by President Petro Poroshenko in the address published on his official website.

The Head of State emphasized that a new stage of Ukraine’s path to the EU will begin on September 1, 2017. “This is a stage of profound and comprehensive reforms that will require maximum efforts and unity of all branches of the Ukrainian government, business and civil society for the sake of building a better European future for the Ukrainian people. The EU and the whole civilized world will help us on that track,” the President emphasized.

Petro Poroshenko noted that he will coordinate positions with the EU leaders in the Ukraine-EU Summit that will take place in Kyiv shortly in order to ensure efficient and prompt achievement of the goal enshrined in the Agreement and switch to the new stage of partnership between Ukraine and the EU.

The President stressed that the Association agreement was one of the key demands and expectations of the Euromaidan and it was achieved jointly. “I am glad that we have managed to achieve it jointly. After mobilization of all its resources against the Association Agreement, cynical violation of international law and aggression against Ukraine, the Kremlin has failed once again,” he said.

The Head of State expressed confidence that our country would further implement its European aspirations. “I am confident that we will win. Ukraine will be in the European nations’ family - in the EU and NATO. Let us unite and change the country,” Petro Poroshenko urged.

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