Tuesday, July 11 2017 22:11 EEST
Ukraine’s defense minister, NATO strategic counselors meet in Kyiv
Ukraine’s, Defense, Minister, NATO,  Strategic,  Counselors, Kyiv

Ukraine’s defense minister Stepan Poltorak and NATO officials met in the Ukrainian capital for a discussion about further cooperation and the latest developments in defense reform in this country. The Ukrainian official posted that on Facebookon Tuesday.

‘I just had a conversation with Head of the NATO Office in Ukraine Oleksandr Vynnykov and strategic counselors of the Alliance member countries who have been giving us useful pieces of advice in terms of reforms in the Defense Ministry and the Armed Forces. I told them about the latest steps taken in this area and our further plans,’ he wrote.

Poltorak added that the Centre for Changes Management will start working in Ukraine soon; this authority is supposed to coordinate the defense reform in Ukraine, to optimize resources for successful conduction of the reform.

Previously, Poltorak said that the Defense Ministry’s reform will be complete in 2018.

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