Tuesday, July 11 2017 22:08 EEST
Lutsenko: Prosecutor’s General Office preparing a case against Kernes
Lutsenko, Prosecutor’s,  General, Office,  Preparing, Against, Kernes

The Prosecutor’s General Office of Ukraine is filing a case against mayor of Kharkiv Hennadiy Kernes as to illegal allocation of land, Yuriy Lutsenko told in an evening parliamentary session of Verkhovna Rada, broadcasted by 112.UA Channel.

“The sixth case I filed for Mr. Dobkin is similar to the one we are discussing (the one against Oles Dovhyi). Mr. Dobkin was the Chairman of Kharkiv City Council and with his secretary, Kernes worked out the same scheme. However, while Mr. Dobkin is immune, Mr. Kernes is not. Thus, Kernes will be prosecuted as soon as investigators and the prosecutor have prepared the papers. As to Mr. Dobkin, we can prosecute him only after you have given me such an opportunity,” Lutsenko said.

Earlier this year, Kernes with accomplices was accused of kidnapping, torturing and threatening to kill Kharkiv EuroMaidan activists Oleksandr Kutyanin and Serhiy Ryapolov.

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