Tuesday, July 11 2017 16:30 EEST
Russian opposition leader, Sloviansk militant to debate in Russia
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​The debates between Russian opposition politician Aleksey Navalny and one of the militants’ leader who controlled Sloviansk during its occupation Igor Strelkov (Girkin) will be held in Russian Federation. According to Meduza agency, Navalny accepted Strelkov’s proposition to hold the debates.

Navalny said that during the debates he intended to prove that he is also a presidential candidate from “patriots”, represented by Strelkov.

The date, time and format of the debates will be determined through talks of Navalny and Strelkov.

“Well, I am an ardent supporter of open political discussion and open debates. I have something to say on these topics. Such conversation with Igor Strelkov, who, of course, expresses the opinion of a certain group of citizens of the Russian Federation, is interesting to me and I am ready to participate in it,” Navalny commented.

As it was reported earlier militants claimed that their ‘mayor’ of Horlivka was fired at. Militants accuse Ukrainian soldiers in Donbas of shelling him.

Earlier OSCE’s PA adopted resolution urging to de-occupy Crimea and Donbas

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