Tuesday, July 11 2017 16:18 MSK
NATO to keep watch over Russia-Belarus military drills, - Stoltenberg
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​NATO will keep watch over Russia and Belarus joint military drills, scheduled for September. This was announced by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in his interview for 112 International Insight.

“We will observe ‘West’ drills. All countries have the right to train their Armed Forces, but it is important for us that this happens predictably and in accordance with international obligations, in particular, with the documents signed in Vienna. These are agreements on which, among other things, Russia agreed to transparent observation of large-scale military exercises. We call on Russia to respect the Vienna agreement, to help ensure that the transparency and predictability of military exercises are respected. NATO now does not see the immediate military threat for any of the member countries of the Alliance,” he said.

Russia must withdraw its military and exert influence on the militants in Donbas, Stoltenberg added.

“What we see is that Russia is responsible for aggressive actions against Ukraine, by annexing the Crimea, and also destabilizing Eastern Ukraine. And we call on Russia to withdraw all its forces from there. In Eastern Ukraine there are thousands of Russian servicemen, they must be withdrawn. And Russia should use all its influence on militants to ensure the full implementation of the Minsk agreements,” Stoltenberg said.

As it was reported earlier it is important for NATO to hold political dialogue with Russia, according to Stoltenberg. He noticed that it is important to avoid dangerous situations.

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