Friday, June 30 2017 20:18 EEST
Kyiv hosts stage one of selection for U.S. Marines Marathon
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The first phase of selection of candidates for U.S. Marines Marathon took place in Kyiv on Thursday. Among the candidates are over 20 Ukrainian servicemen, some of whom had their limbs amputated and underwent prosthetic surgery after injures in Donbas, Radio Liberty wrote.

According to Kateryna Mashko, Ukraine’s Presidential Envoy for Rehabilitation, the main criteria for the participation in the Marines Marathon are the military service in Donbas combat area and combat injury suffered in action; it’s extremely essential, since the main goal of the marathon is rehabilitation, she said. Mashko added it’s the second time that Ukrainian fighters are going to join the event. Last October, the organizers invited four servicemen from Ukraine; this time, they expect seven Ukrainians to take part. The warriors will join the marathon (either 5 or 42 kilometers), spend time with their brothers in arms from the U.S. and other countries. They will also visit Pentagon and the Ukrainian embassy in the U.S.

This year's U.S. Marines Marathon will take place in Washington, October 22.

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