Friday, June 30 2017 19:10 MSK
President bid farewell to the fallen Ukrainian heroes - reconnaissance officer Maksym Shapoval and official of the Security Service of Ukraine Yuriy Voznyi.
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The President bid farewell to the Ukrainian heroes killed by terrorists – Colonel of the Chief Reconnaissance Directorate of the Ministry of Defense Maksym Shapoval and Colonel of the Security Service of Ukraine Yuriy Voznyi.

The farewell ceremony took place in Kyiv, in the House of Officers and the House of Culture of the Security Service of Ukraine. The Head of State expressed condolences to the families of the deceased and their brothers-in-arms.

The President conferred the rank of Major General to Maksym Shapoval (posthumously) and awarded Yuriy Voznyi with the order “For Courage” (posthumously). The President signed respective decrees today.

“He was on the offensive end and defended us in the most difficult times and place,” Petro Poroshenko said about the reconnaissance officer. The Head of State noted that one does not speak a lot of the reconnaissance officials and the opportunity to speak more emerges only when they pass away. The President reminded that Colonel Shapoval was a commander of the special operations team that was liberating the Donetsk airport and was the first to enter it. He was one of the first “cyborgs” who took part in the most difficult operations, inter alia, behind enemy lines.

“His death reminds us that war takes place not only on the frontline, that terrorist attacks of the aggressor who came to our land with weapons can be held anywhere. This fact must consolidate us even more in supporting our army, our special forces, our reconnaissance. I am proud of such warriors as Maksym Shapoval. May he rest in peace,” the President emphasized.

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