Friday, June 30 2017 18:39 MSK
President: Decentralization is a guarantee of unitarity of Ukraine and anti-venom to the externally imposed federalism
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President Petro Poroshenko emphasized that all the reforms, including decentralization, were aimed to make Ukraine a successful country.

 “Decentralization is a guarantee of unitarity of our country and prevention of federalization. It is the best anti-venom to the externally imposed bacillus of deadly federalism well-maintained by the Russian propaganda,” the Head of State emphasized in the meeting of the Association of Ukrainian Cities.

“Today is the best time to implement the potential of every city. Why? Because the country has changed the philosophy of attitude to the community, to ensuring its rights and implementation of its opportunities,” Petro Poroshenko emphasized. The President has made decentralization a cornerstone of the state policy, which has also been reflected in “Ukraine – 2020” Sustainable Development Strategy.

Petro Poroshenko emphasized: “A strong community is a strong state. It enhances Ukraine’s capacity to conduct reforms, withstand the onslaught of the aggressor and make the Homeland competitive in global dimension”.

The President noted that the constitutional amendments on decentralization and further reduction of powers of central authorities should be the next step. “When there are proper conditions, we must finish the constitutional amendments on decentralization to consolidate a new model of local self-government at the level of the Basic Law,” he said.

The President is hopeful that the Association of Cities will remain a platform for communication and mutual support. “According to the European experience, cooperation between the local authorities and the Government is essential for successful implementation of the local self-government reform,” the Head of State emphasized.

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