Friday, June 30 2017 13:30 MSK
Poroshenko rejects unblocking in Ukraine
Poroshenko,  Rejects,  Unblocking,, Ukraine

President Petro Poroshenko is not going to order to unblock, the Russian social network widely popular in Russia, Ukraine and many other post-Soviet countries.

In the official reply to the respective petition on his website, the head of the state called supporting such action ‘impossible’.

According to Poroshenko, this social network is ‘widely used by Russian special services to promote Russian propaganda and to conduct special operations against Ukraine and its citizens.’ The president added that blocking ‘protects Ukrainians from attempts to control their minds’.

In May, Poroshenko’s decree about economic sanctions against Russian media, software laboratories and mail services took effect. 468 entities and 1,228 individuals fell under the restrictive measures.

Earlier Committee of Permanent Representatives in EU agreed on preferential trade agreements for Ukraine 

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