Thursday, June 29 2017 22:26 MSK
Germany doesn’t want Erdogan’s speech before Turks at G20 summit
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The German Cabinet plans on banning Recep Tayip Erdogan from holding a speech before the Turks residing in Germany during the upcoming G20 summit in Hamburg. Der Spiegel wrote that on Thursday, referring to Angela Merkel’s press service.

According to the German outlet, Erdogan officially requested to hold the speech in front of his supporters living in Germany; however, that is not likely to happen due to the position of the government.

‘This decision has been agreed with the Chancellor,’ said Steffen Seibert, the chief of Angela Merkel’s press service.

Previously, Seibert offered non-EU representatives to restrain from making any speeches before the federal election in Germany. ‘Holding such speeches now would be irrational,’ he said.

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