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Ukraine celebrating 21st anniversary of Constitution
Ukraine, Celebrating, Anniversary, Constitution

Today, June 28, the Ukrainians are celebrating the 21st anniversary of the moment when the country's current Constitution came into force.

Constitution Day is a public holiday, therefore June 28 is an official day-off in Ukraine. 

The country's main law was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada overnight June 28, 1996 – on the fifth year after the proclamation of independence of Ukraine. After nearly a 24 hours of continuous work in the session hall, the deputies finally managed to adopt the Constitution with 315 votes. The document came into force the same day. At the same time, Ukraine was the last among the former Soviet republics, which adopted a new constitution.

The adoption of the Constitution entrenched the legal framework of an independent Ukraine, its sovereignty and territorial integrity, becoming an important step in ensuring human and civil rights, contributing to the further increase of the international authority of Ukraine on the international arena.

Since that time, the Constitution has been amended several times – under pressure from certain political forces, or in accordance with the needs of the time. The first time the changes to the Constitution were made in December 2004. 

To overcome the political crisis during the Orange Revolution, at the request of the political forces of Viktor Yanukovich and Leonid Kuchma, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted Law of Ukraine No.2222-IV "On Amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine" and (in the package to it) the Law on Amendments to the Law on presidential elections.

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