Wednesday, June 28 2017 18:59 MSK
Large-scale cyber attack on corporate and state networks stopped, - Cabinet
Large-scale,  Cyber, Attack, Corporate, State,  Networks,  Stopped, Cabinet

A large-scale cyber attack on corporate networks and networks of authorities, which occurred yesterday, on June 27, is stopped. The situation is under control of cyber security specialists. This is reported on the website of the Ukrainian Cabinet.

It is noted that now the work to restore the lost data is being done.We reported that on June 27 in Ukraine an unknown virus struck a network of a number of large companies, including state ones. The attack began almost simultaneously around 11:30. The provider disabled the websites of the National Police and Ministry of Internal Affairs due to cyber attack.In this regard, the National Security Council decided to strengthen the counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence measures in Kyiv and the regions of Ukraine.

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