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Russia to stop using Ukraine’s gas turbine engines by mid-2018
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Ukraine has to stop imitating reforms and start to really build a democratic state. This was stated by the EU representative to Vatican and a former EU Ambassador to Ukraine Jan Tombinski during the National Forum “Transformation of Ukraine” in Kyiv, reports Ukrinform.

“There’s a need to stop imitations and build a state, build reality. The problem start is the imitation of statehood, the lack of real, daily investment in the mechanisms of democracy, in the institutions of statehood, in the beliefs of people that law serves to protect common interest, that the state is not an element that needs to be divided between a narrow group of people,” Tombinski said.

First of all, according to him, the parties have to become accountable to society. Further step is an adequate work of all institutions, in particular Central Election Commission which still hasn’t got a mandate and an Accounting Chamber of Ukraine.

Tombinski also noted that Ukrainian authorities do nothing to improve the conditions for entrepreneurs in the country.

He also noted the importance of the right decisions in the energy sphere, like installation of meters in private apartments, and tariff quotas.

Tombinski stressed the importance of the country's defense.

"All these institutions, which people pay their taxes, are unable to protect the citizen on the roads, on the streets, in schools, and this is an element of public investment," he said.

Tombinski concluded that without combating corruption, "there will be no democracy, justice, economic development and there will be no international assistance," and Ukraine must initiate reforms itself, because, international help will follow the reforms.

As it was reported earlier Ukraine undertakes to implement all reforms within Association Agreement, according to Poroshenko. The Association Agreement with Ukraine will come into force on September, 1.

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