Friday, June 23 2017 23:01 MSK
Germany welcomes harvesting period ceasefire in Donbas
Germany,  Welcomes,  Harvesting,  Period,  Ceasefire, Donbas

The German Foreign Ministry praised the harvesting period ceasefire in Donbas, recently announced by OSCE, Ukraine and Russia. Sigmar Gabriel, the chief German diplomat said that as quoted by Ukrinform news agency.

‘It is nice that the sides agreed on the ceasefire for this period of harvesting; it will start working since Saturday midnight along the entire division line,’ Gabriel said.

The minister says that the ceasefire should not only prove security for crops but also save lives. He reiterated that ‘over the last months, a lot of people were killed along the division line’.

According to Gabriel, ‘it is essential that the ceasefire finally starts working and both sides can finally withdraw forces and heavy weaponry from the division line’.

The German foreign minister condemned the recent attack on OSCE observers, as well as other attacks that have been taking place in the militant-held areas lately, and insisted that such incidents should stop immediately.

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