Friday, June 23 2017 22:57 MSK
Lviv administration to take on garbage problem
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Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy said that city authorities decided to accept the proposition of regional state administration to shoulder garbage disposal and on annual subvention of 11 million dollars to the regional budget. Sadovy announced this in his address on Facebook page of Samopomich party.

"Today, I talked with the leaders of city council factions, we agreed that we will prepare appropriate decisions at the next plenary meeting on Thursday. Legal department already received according instruction, and we at the session will vote for the decision that president's deputy demands of us. This is such a new stage in the history of our city, "- said Sadovy.

At the same time, Andriy Sadovy called the proposition ‘an ultimatum of president’s deputy’.

"In modern history, we have a unique example, when president’s deputy announces the proposal, an ultimatum that the city must pay money to prevent further blockade that could lead to epidemics and illnesses." this is not an ultimatum to Sadovy, it's an ultimatum to the whole community of Lviv, " the mayor said.

In current situation, city authorities "must accept the offer, pay money and get an opportunity to live and develop normally," he added.

As it was reported earlier Lviv will be cleared from garbage within two weeks. Chairman of the Lviv regional state administration Oleh Synyutka said that 6,5 thousand tons of garbage will be taken to the polygons of Lviv region along with the garbage that will accumulate within these two weeks.

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