Thursday, June 22 2017 23:42 EEST
Russia wants frozen conflict in Donbas as in Transnistria but more frightful, - Kuchma
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Russia wants to have one more frozen conflict in Donbas that will be more frightful than in Transnistria. Leonid Kuchma, the second president of Ukraine and the representative of Ukraine in the Trilateral Contact Group in Minsk claimed this at the opening of the international forum. It was broadcasted by 112 Ukraine.

‘The world community and first of all the USA has the possibility to implement the Budapest Memorandum and really make Ukraine become the sovereign state. There are tools for this but there also should be a desire to do this. You perfectly know that Merkel tries to do something determining but she is stopped even by Schröder and dozens of German firms that work on Russia market. What is Ukraine for them? They do not work in Ukraine. There is no Germany, France, the USA in Ukraine, in the fact we are alone. A lot of Agreements were made after the WWII so today there are the conflicts all over the world and everyone see the problem from their own sight. Let’s look at Syria. Nobody can do anything. So we have the long and difficult way to peace. I am sure that Russia wants to have one more frozen conflict in Ukraine. But it is more frightful than in Transnistria because there is no border with Russia but here is it. This disease can be spread easily. And the further than more difficult it gets. It is really necessary to do everything to stop this situation in Ukraine. We should be united’, Kuchma said.

Moreover, Kuchma commented on the issue of the reintegration of Donbas. ‘We rely on the USA. In such situation, the USA can really play the decisive role. Let’s hope for that. Why do we trust only in God? God is far away and unfortunately he does not hear us’, he claimed.

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