Tuesday, June 20 2017 22:33 MSK
State Emergency Service: Fire in downtown Kyiv localized
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The fire on Khreshchatyk Street in the heart of the Ukrainian capital has been localized. The State Emergency Service reported that on Tuesday evening, as firefighters managed to stop the fire from spreading onto the adjacent buildings, one of them being Pechersk district court in Kyiv.

The approximate fire area is about 1000 square meters; the actual number is being specified, rescuers say.

22 vehicles and a hundred firemen are extinguishing the fire that broke off on Khreshchatyk Street; the road traffic in the adjacent streets is limited, and the streets lying are next to the ignition place are shut off.

Here's a video of the fire filmed by a drone.

The fire started on Tuesday afternoon, at about 5 p.m.; the firemen spent almost three hours to stop it from spreading further. The fire took over the historical building erected in 1873.

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