Monday, June 19 2017 22:26 EEST
"Lost" Russian military medics detained in Donbas, — ATO deputy commander
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A group of Russian military doctors was detained in Donbas on Sunday, June 18. This was reported by Oleksandr Rozmaznin, Major General and ATO Deputy Commander in Chief, to journalists in Kramatorsk, according to OstroV agency.

"The latest detention was yesterday. Graduates of Saint Petersburg State Medical Academy went in the wrong way and ended up on our territory after celebrating Medic Day. We are detaining (Russian military personnel — 112 International), detaining a lot of them. But the thing is that not everything can be made public. Certain structures are taking these detainees from us. Our task is to fight. Detain and hand over. Everything else is none of our business," Rozmaznin said.

Major General noted that the detentions of Russian military officers in ATO zone take place quite often, but the information is barely represented in media.

"We are regularly detaining them, it would be a lie saying that we do this every day, but it happens quite often," he said.

He did not specify the number of detainees.

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